Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Happy birthday!

When we lived in GA, we were foster parents. (Once we moved to Florida we were no longer eligible because five is a full house and we have five. At that time we had four in the house and six was the limit-but often we had seven.) One of our foster children left to live with a grandparent. We were called and told there was a newborn with many birth anomalies who may come into foster care but they weren't sure. I said I was very interested. The child who left was a special needs eight-year-old and I needed a change. We kept getting calls and were offered three other girls ages 7-11 but I kept turning them down telling them that I wanted to wait and see if the newborn went into care. Meanwhile, she had been air vac'd to Shands in Gainesville for ten days and then returned to Valdosta. I took her home at 21 days old.

Jasmine is my joy and song!

At first there was a reunification plan for the mom but it didn't work out. However, due to wrong paperwork filed and all sorts of mishaps, we did not actually adopt her until she was 3 1/2 years old but she was in our house the whole time so it wasn't like the wait we are having now. Tyler is holding Jessica's prayer card at the courthouse because after waiting all this time for her adoption, it happened while Jessica was on a mission trip to New Mexico.

Happy 8th brithday


BIG DOG said...

Jasmine -
You are a wonderful child. You bring joy to mom's and my life...along with some beating me on the pool table.



Lisa said...

Happy belated Birthday to Jasmine! Such a sweet girl! I love the 2nd picture!