Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Just Hanging Out

I love that Jasmine gets home an hour earlier than the high school kids. Unfortunately lately homework takes up all that time and more. Sometimes it blows me away.

Like, here's a problem from her math worksheet. A smile face equals two cookies. John eats 1 dozen cookies plus one cookies. Draw smile faces to show John's cookies. Well, most kids look at one dozen and just see the one so 1 + 1=2, therefore one smile face. But of course you have to know that 1 dozen is really 12 and then add one=13. Then on to figuring out how many smile faces. Which is confusing because there is a half smile face involved since a smile face equals 2, not one cookie.

Reading is Jasmine's strong point. She loves the Magic Tree house books so that is what she reads me for her 20 minutes of required reading each day.

Making cookies to take to class tomorrow for her birthday. We used to make them from scratch--especially rolled sugar cookies but now days we mostly use the ones you just cut and pop in the oven.

Tonight was Jasmine's night to cook. She's mixing the mixed vegetables and soup for mixed veggie casserole. Just have to add the hamburger and tator tots.

Cookies are done...

...but homework isn't.

We made some mini cookies for snack. A little sugar to get the brain cells going.


Lisa said...

Wow - division and fractions already in 2nd (?) grade! Kaylen's working on coin amounts and telling time in kindergarten. I think they're starting kids a year earlier than when I learned them.

Also - you're allowed to bring home-made treats? We have to bring pre-packaged. And to make matters complicated they can't contain nuts or be made in the same factory/equipment where nuts are processed. So, really only name brand things, and you have to watch closely!!! We sent Hostess cupcakes for birthday treats. Goldfish work well for more healthy, non-birthday treats.

Kathy said...

Thankfully we can still take homemade treats.

The math is ridiculously hard. They also write seven sentence essays and other no so fun stuff.