Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Way to go Tyler!

Ty had his belt test today. He just started karate last spring. Those of you who know him know that his asperger's affects not only his coping ability but his fine and gross motor skills and overall muscle tone including the muscles used for speech.

He has worked hard on the requirements for his orange belt which not only include all the karate skills but also an oral recitation.

Ty demonstrates basic arm blocks.

Proud mom.

He passed.

Good job Tyler!


BIG DOG said...

Tyler -

You did a great job!

PreSchoolMama said...

my nephew has asperger's and we have found that the dance revolution game at the y has helped his skills quiet a bit. He was diagnosed last year so we are still learning how to help him.

Lou said...

Good job Ty. Guess I will have to be nice to you now. I don't know any karate.!!!
Send me a piece of the cake. It looks good!!!

Aunt Lou

Anonymous said...

From a mom with a son with Asperger's, great job! That's some hard work you did and you did well.