Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Out to Sea


We didn't do much the first day. We were sailing from Mobile to Progreso, Mexico. We were suppose to go to Cozumel but with the nine hour late start it had to be changed to somewhere closer.

It was windy and a bit chilly but also sunny and calm.

These towel creations would show up on our bunk. Isn't the bed just lovely? We were in the cheapest of cheap cabins--bunks and not much room to turn around. Jessica got top bunk!

Karen also spoke in the evening session but my pictures were dark. Susie Shellenberger from Brio mag also spoke and a professional woman's basketball lady did some bb tricks. A Christian dance group called Our Town Performed and a couple people sang. It was nice but there wasn't a lot to do this day. So we hung out, joined some people dancing on deck and stuff like that. And ate too much.

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BIG DOG said...

Wish I could have pulled a Garfield. I would have taken care of you.