Monday, December 5, 2016

The Weekend

Rick, the kids and I rented a space at a flea market to sell stuff to help the twins with their mission trips and Jasmine with her choir trip. 

Then later that day was the big Christmas parade. I only stayed until Jasmine played. I get really, really, really bored at the Christmas parade. It's dark and every organization in town tried to take part. It runs two hours. I much prefer the daytime parades--Veteran's Day parade and the school parade which is coming up this Friday morning, and all the schools in the county bring their preschool and kindergarten classes.

Sunday night Jasmine had a Carols concert at a local church.

So our weekend was fairly busy.

Jessica, Hunter and River had an exciting week. They had planned to go to Gatlinburg, and of course that was on fire. So they decided spur of the moment to drive from the Florida panhandle to Colorado Springs. Jessica had wanted to give Hunter a white Christmas, so wish fulfilled.

Going up Pike's Peak

Love this picture of River
And on the way home they bought a brand new van! They traded in Jessica's car which was a 2014.
LOL Rick and I both drive 2007 vehicles. And I've only owned mine a year. I was driving an '01.

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