Sunday, December 11, 2016

Holiday Happenings

The past few days have been more exciting than normal. I'll share part today and part on Wednesday to avoid overload.

This week Kaleb had his first band concert. 
Trying to inconspicuously do a selfie during the concert! Jasmine and Kayla were there, but Ty got called in to work.

With his band director.

I really like this picture of him. I can't do an enlargement though because it's on my phone. My Nikon has been at the Nikon repair shop since October!!
Then we came back to the house to celebrate Adam's 21st adoption day with Chinese take out.

 Tyler had to work, and Jessica didn't show up until after we took the photos.
 They don't look much like twins anymore.
Jessica and Tara 

Adam and Kealen. Adam works really early.

This a video of Kaleb that won't post where I want it to.

On Friday Jessica and I took River to the kids' parade.

Saturday morning we had breakfast with Santa!
They took pictures and were supposed to post them, but they haven't yet, so this is what we have.

I hope to have better pictures to post on Wednesday along with some more activities! And hopefully my camera repairs will be done,and I won't have to depend on my phone for photos.

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