Monday, December 26, 2016

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve is when the adult children come over to exchange gifts. Even before I had adult children, Christmas Eve is when we got stocking gifts and "kid bought" gifts. That part is still the same, the difference is that we also give out the gifts to those who don't live in the house. Then Christmas morning is for those still in the house.

So here are some photos of Christmas Eve. I played around with the filters on some of them.

River loved the ornaments. So we ended up taking the ends off of several so she could safely play with them. So thankful for the new shatterproof ornaments. Now if they were only scatterproof!

She was very willing to show off her walking skills.

Same picture, three color tones.
Kealen "Keke"


More sibs

And more sibs

Photo bomb

Opening Aunt Jazzy's present

Showing off his sweatshirt from Aunt Lou

No,she didn't get Rizzoli and Isles for Christmas!! Gigi got that.

In her Paw Patrol pjs

I bought Paw Patrol pjs for both, but I bought a size big in case of shrinkage.

This was all just Christmas Eve. I'll post Christmas Day tomorrow. LOTS going on her yesterday and today, but most of the celebrating was on Christmas Eve.

This was a rough Christmas for Tara because her mom died last January, her father is in prison as is her son's father. So she is 19 and has a 3 year old special needs child she is trying to raise alone along with trying to work full time to support them both. So please keep her in your prayers.

Jasmine and I got her a special ornament in memory of her mom and a card, and she posted a photo of them on facebook.

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