Wednesday, December 14, 2016

First Concerts and the Dogs Meet Santa

Last week Kaleb had his first concert, and last night Kayla had her first concert. A world of difference between the two schools. Kaleb is in the best public school in the county. I tried to get Kayla in it when I needed to take her out of the charter school, but it was full. So she is in our zoned school, which is the worst middle school in the county. It really showed in everything from the school building to the kids to the parents.

I posted about Kaleb's concert last time, but I'm going to repost my favorite picture of him.

Kayla's concert was in the cafeteria which was not only not decorated, but it smelled strongly of vomit. It is badly in need of renovations. A few parents were dressed up, but many were in ratty clothes that didn't smell much better than the cafeteria. Even if you don't have dress clothes, you can be clean and neat, showered and hair combed!

A band director from another school came and played with the band to help them out.

We went to taco bell afterward.

Rick had a bit of bronchitis and Kaleb had a big case of sassy mouth, so neither were there. 

On Saturday we decided to take the dogs to Pet Smart for photos with Santa. I had Kayla and Jasmine with me, and River, who was staying with Hunter's dad and stepmom, met us there. The dogs had no problem with Santa after sniffing him thoroughly. River wanted nothing to do with him. But that was understandable.

We came out with okay photos.
Me with Sadie Rose.

Kayla with Caspian.

Jasmine with Travis.

All of us with Sasha

I took some cute pictures of River last night, but to avoid photo overload, I'll post those tomorrow.


Emily said...

I love the photo of Kaleb. And Kayla is such a beautiful young lady. I can't believe how much they've changed this year.

Sarah said...

Your dog pictures turned out so well! We went to Petsmart as well! So nice that they provide this free service.

Kathy Cassel said...

Thank you both. Emily--Kayla has grown 4-5 inches!

Sarah--I'm glad you did it too!