Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Not Going as Planned

We had a lot of Christmas activities planned, but we've skipped  most of them. All three kids have a lot of undone assignments that need made up. They also have tests to retake. For some reason our district has decided that test  scores must make up 95% of the grade. Thankfully along with that, most of the teachers are encouraging students to retake any tests that are below 70%. Last month I met with just one person for Jasmine's IEP update. No teachers came. We talked about how to get her grades up to passing. But in the weeks since then, it hasn't happened.

Last week I asked for a meeting with her teachers. That took place yesterday, and all but one teacher came. And I am actually very thankful that he didn't. He has no clue when it comes to Jasmine. He told her there was no reason she was flunking algebra again this year. If she'd just have a positive attitude she could do trig. Um. Yeah. Not so. He's not her math teacher, he's her band director--smart and was in all AP classes. Unfortunately Jasmine does not have the genetic gift for that. Then add in the other factors. Not happening. I will be very happy if she does her best and hopefully passes all the required classes.

Every single teacher said the same thing. She's a great kid. No problem in class. They look forward to seeing her every day. But she is not turning in any homework, projects or take-home tests. So we made a list of what has to be caught up.

I went to parent portal and made a similar list for the twins. Kaleb never bothered to complete his science project. He did the experiments, just didn't write it all up and turn it in with his abstract and charts. I gave up on trying to get him to do it and e-mailed his teacher. He has until Monday (two full weeks late) to do it or get an alternative assignment.
 "How does the length of a closed end tube effect pitch?"

So, no tree lighting, one concert on Sunday but skipped the one Monday night. Other things have come and gone. This is not the way I like to do things. But we have Kaleb's concert Thursday night, Jasmine marches in the kids' parade Friday during the school day, another tree lighting Friday night, (Jasmine is supposed to sing twice at a church but doesn't plan to. It's a county choir so no grade and not required), breakfast with Santa Saturday morning, boat parade Saturday evening, something else I can't remember.

On the up side, River is doing more and more each time I see her. I had lunch with her in the mall food court Monday and then she came over to stay with us for a few hours until Hunter was home from work.

At the mall. She's drinking water.

At the house with her new teddy bear.

Waiting for supper to be ready.


One Crowded House said...

Our December doesn't look like any of our Christmas seasons in the past. And I'm kind of embracing it. My tree is still leaning against the wall and undecorated. And we are just all embracing its uniqueness now 😊
Thankfully we have a teacher friend that helps us keep up with Melaku's schoolwork. And I'm homeschooling Eli still, so we just take it slow and he avoids all that ridiculous testing.

Steven is going to a charter school near our house now and is so far really liking it.

Kathy Cassel said...

Sometimes you just have to do what you have to do in order to survive. : )