Sunday, October 23, 2016

Yay! It's Over

This weekend was the most stressful one for Jasmine yet. On Friday night she marched at a football game. Then on Saturday all the area schools competed in the district 2 Florida Band Assessment for marching bands. Her band got a superior, which was no surprise.

You can see Jasmine in white.

Then today the band had their big annual spaghetti fundraiser.
Jessica and Hunter were celebrating their anniversary, and Adam was at his reserve weekend.

We had a sweet group of girls. And Kealen so Ty wasn't the only guy. Yeah, I know you're wondering. They were so busy arguing with Rick about what to wear that they hadn't left the house yet when we were seated, so they missed it.

The band members were dressed as lumberjacks.

So the most stressful band weekend is now behind. There are three parades coming up --Veteran's Day, Christmas, and Millville.

In the next post I'll share about Ty and my date with River!

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