Monday, October 10, 2016

The Weekend

Monday is usually when I talk about what we did over the weekend. This weekend was stressful. Jasmine had to march at a football game Friday night. The band left school at noon on Friday. They went to an elementary school for a concert. Then they went to the game. They got back to the school to unload after 11, and she got to bed after midnight. 

She was up the next day to help us set up at a flea market. We were selling stuff to help the twins raise money for their mission trip. Unfortunately we didn't raise a lot because people wanted to pay a quarter for everything!!! I had all the clothes for $1 and people would walk up and ask if we'd take .25 for an almost new pair of men's pants. So frustrating. I had taken some of my books to sell, but never put them out because I knew they'd offer me a quarter!

Tara came to pick Jasmine up at 9:30 to take her to the school to go to two competitions in AL. The bus had problems, so they missed the first one. They were supposed to be home at 10 p.m. but got home at midnight! 

While Jasmine was at competition, we took the jet ski out one last time for the year. That's because the flea market was at the bay where we jet ski. Jessica ate lunch and took out a kayak and the jet ski once and then headed out. She'd been at the flea market since 6 a.m. setting up and had to work in the evening.

It was a beautiful day and hot even though it's cool in the mornings now.

We even went back and got the dogs after most people had left. First time the dogs had kayaked in a year.

Sadie's first time in the kayak.

Travis even went on the jet ski, although he wasn't sure he liked the noise.
I think they liked the grill hot dogs best of all.

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One Crowded House said...

Looks like a very fun day!