Monday, October 17, 2016

A Tough Weekend

This top picture makes me smile. And I need that!

It was a tough weekend. Kayla decided to rage Friday afternoon and Saturday. Wrote the F word in cleaner on the kitchen ceiling. Made threats against the pets and siblings. Not the cheery stuff blogs are made of so I'll spare you the details. Waiting to hear from the counselor tomorrow.

A classmate of Jasmine's got a sinus infection. It went into his brain, and he died Friday. Just like that. Jasmine has been having bad dreams about it. Going to talk to the counselor about that too. Have already talked to her about some ways to process it. But the raging from Kayla has made it all worse.

Kaleb had a swim meet. He moved up from novice to level one. His starts from the blocks are better, but he still came in 23 out of 24 on 50 yard freestyle, 23 out of 23 on 50 yard back crawl, and he DQ'd in 50 yard breast stroke. He used a scissor kick instead of a true breast stroke kick. His freestyle was 10 seconds faster than last time. His back crawl was 10 seconds slower. He slows down as he nears the wall because he doesn't know how close he is. I told him to use the flags. Once you go under the flags, count your strokes to the wall. I don't know why the coaches haven't worked on that. It's pretty basic. If he'll do it, it may help his time next meet. Thing is, he has no competitive spirit at all. When he saw he was 23 of 24 he said, "But that's good, right?" Well, that depends on how you look at it. Good he finished. Good he didn't DQ. Good he is okay with it. But he's also very complacent about it. That's okay unless he wants to compete in high school or wants to get a scholarship. Time will tell.

The twins spent some time playing trombone together this weekend. I played saxophone with them, and Jasmine played drums. It makes practice time more fun to do it together. Jasmine has marching band assessment next weekend at a different high school. 

We ended the tough weekend with some music together.

River is getting more and more mobile. She walks quite well with her push toys. She interacts and recognizes her special people and rewards them with a smile. On Tuesday Jessica, Tyler, River and I went to Dory during the day while the others were at school. River and I lasted about five minutes. I was actually happy she was fussy so I had an excuse to leave. We went out and played in the mall play area.

much more fun than sitting through a movie!
My 9-year-old step grandson is in football and taking down kids three years older than himself! He's in Indiana, so I won't get to see him play.


megan said...

Is marching band assessment like a band contest?

Kathy Cassel said...

It is, but you don't compete against the other bands, you perform for a panel of judges who rate you in several areas. So everyone could get perfects or no one could get perfects.