Monday, October 31, 2016

Beautiful Day at the Beach

Adam's friend Tara likes to do things together, which is nice. At the spaghetti dinner last Sunday, she asked what we were doing this Sunday. I suggested we all go to the state park we like about 30-40 minutes away (depending on traffic) after church to grill. Turns out she had never been there!! Crazy since she's lived here all her life. Not all my crew could come. But the ones that did had a great time. And the water was amazingly beautiful.

I love the turquoise-ish water and white sand. I have become a beach snob. 

It was absolutely clear.

Tara wasn't sure how to hula hoop.

Jasmine demonstrated.

Adam being Adam

Me taking Kealen in the kayak, and Kaleb riding along on the back.

Adam definitely being Adam.

See how clear it is out to the jetties. Everyone calls this the baby pool area.

I love Tara and Jasmine together.

Tara tried out my snorkel gear and my underwater camera.

We have no idea what this is! Anyone?

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