Saturday, August 2, 2014

Two Days at the Water

We had two days out in a row. On Tuesday a facebook friend was passing near us on a road trip and detoured to meet up with us at our bay. It was beautiful weather for it. I wish they could have come the whole day. In herding kids and keeping everyone in one piece, we didn't have much time to talk. (Note: always wear flip flops or water shoes in our bay because of broken shells.)
Josie, a neighbor whose family often joins us at the bay, and I took the kayaks out while we were waiting for everyone. We don't usually have a chance because we're taking care of other stuff (like food and driving the jet ski).

Jasmine and Joy, Josi's daughter.

Emily--still looking good after a long drive!

Josi--not trying to create a new style, just protecting her burn gotten on a previous beach day. 

Rick cutting the watermelon for us. Kaleb calls it a waterlemon. Only Josiah (josi's son) and I aren't watermelon eaters.

Our two families together.

Three of the girls got to see dolphins while we were out on the jet ski. I didn't have the waterproof camera with this time though.

If you're ever passing by, we'll meet you at the bay (as long as it's march -october or so)

Wednesday we went back to the animal shelter where we got Travis and Jayden and took three of their dogs to the bay to kayak. Two of them were puppies and the other was the mom of one of the puppies.
Bart is a bearded collie mix.

Mia and Marley are mother/son chihuahua mix, possibly dacshund.

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One Crowded House said...

How fun to take the shelter dogs on an outing!