Sunday, August 10, 2014

Hansel and Gretel

The Missoula Children's Theater people came to our area last Monday and held try outs for Hansel and Gretel. This is their own version of the story, which is much more fun than the real version.

We only found out about the program last year even though it's been going on for ten years here. Wish I would have known about it ten years ago!! The oldest ones would have had a few years to do it, because it's for ages 5-18.  

In previous years, everyone was offered some sort of part, but some quit along the way because they didn't like the part.

This year was different because 84 kids tried out for 60 slots. That's how many costumes they have. 

There were 16 of the 5-7 years olds or so chosen as Wallybirds, and 13 or 14 of the 7-9 year olds were chosen as Rascals. It really goes by size and age as the kids have to fit the costumes.  There were 12 new campers and 5 old campers and 8 cooks. Just a couple dropped out, but that's kind of sad because not everyone got a part. My twins weren't chosen and would have gladly taken the places of the ones who quit.

Jasmine was chosen as a cook.

Play try outs were Monday morning. They started practice right afterwards and practiced every day right up until the performance Friday at 5:30.
Jasmine in her shadow cloak.

Jasmine as cook.

Adam made it to the play. So did Jessica, so we had everyone there that is in town right now.

Jasmine and the witch

Jasmine and Adam.
Video to follow. Had trouble getting it to upload today.


Annalyn Reed said...

I love plays, if I hear there is going to be one, I would try and go. So cool that they got to be a part of that! :)

Ken S. said...

I watched all of your Hansel and Gretel videos on YouTube and now I've got "Veggie stew, veggie stew, served piping hot" stuck in my head.

Thanks a lot! :) :)

Kathy C. said...

Annalyn--it was fun. I hope you and your siblings are having fun in drama class this year!

Ken--Yeah, but we are still singing Mushrooms in the Night from last year!!!