Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Pensacola Trip

I realized I never posted about Jasmine and my trip to Pensacola. We were supposed to go to Shands to meet with her cranio facial team, and we were planning a trip to Universal with it. But then our insurance wouldn't approve the appointment. They want to know why it has to be at Shands. Well, because they've handled her case all her life so why switch now? No one here is as capable of cleft repairs as her team at Shands. 

Well, that trip was canceled, but I didn't want to let her totally down, so we decided just to go to Pensacola and hang out. And use my hotel points.

We got Jasmine's new school shoes. Can't believe we go back three weeks from today.

Chick Fil A is one of our favorites.

We went to Gulf Breeze Zoo, and I held the mini opossum.

I fed the giraffe. Jasmine wasn't feeling quite that brave.

I felt like a bird woman or something.

She didn't really want to feed the birds, but she did accept the seed stick when I handed her one with only one bird on it.

All the rooms at the hotel were 12,000 points so I got the biggest and the best. It was a two room suite. Jessica joined us for the night and slept on this couch.

This was the other room.

Jasmine and I went to Maleficent.

We spent some time hanging out at the pool the next morning.

We went to Destin Commons.

We ate at Red Brick Oven.

So that was our two days out.


Anonymous said...

Lots of fun traveling this summer. I like Jasmines new shoes. It really stinks about her insurance and not allowing you to go to the doctor she has had for her cleft pallet.

Have a great blessed weekend.


Kathy C. said...

I'm not sure what's going to happen with the insurance.