Friday, August 29, 2014

A Slow Week

This has been a pretty slow week as we are still settling into the school routine. Bus schedules keep changing as the school district tries to get things running more smoothly and not have children picked up at 5:45!

Right now the only after school activities are tumbling and gymnastics for Kaleb and gymnastics for Kayla, but after Labor Day Jasmine will start County Christian Youth Choir on Mondays. She isn't sure if she'll like it or not, so we're just going to give it a try. She'll also have church choir Sunday afternoons, hip hop class on Wednesday afternoons (followed by youth group if she isn't loaded down with homework) and marching band Thursday after school. We need to get drum lessons scheduled back in, but I want to see how she does with these other activities first. She was going to take jazz to because it was back to back with hip hop, but they changed days and it no longer works out.

Sasha went to our vet for the first time. She needed her last baby shot. She is 6.6 pounds. We were told she was a dachshund mix, but the vets say he doesn't see that in her. He said a chihuahua or rat terrier mix.

Travis rode along to keep her company. He's an old pro at the vet. He weighs 12.9 pounds. He used to seem really small to me, but now compared to Sasha, he seems big!

I was hoping Sasha would get bigger, and if she was part Dachshund, she probably would. But being a chihuahua mix, she probably won't get much bigger. It makes me nervous having a dog that small. I'm afraid she's going to get squashed.
First taco day for Sasha.

We started addressing wedding invitations this week. 
I addressed, and Jessica put the invitations and response cards in the envelopes.

My new book came. If your girls are reading through Just for Me: My Family with us, I will send them a copy. Be sure to send me a photo of your daughter with her copy of My Family and a mailing address. I'm getting the bag ready to go out also.

I am putting together a list of the best Christian books for preteen girls-devotion books, non fiction and fiction. If there are some books you've found helpful or fun, leave me a message on this post.

We want to take the jet ski and kayaks out on Labor Day, but we are forecast for rain. How about you?

Who has the most teacher calls or notes home so far? :) Thankfully, we have a much better start this year than in some previous years.


One Crowded House said...

One of my boys already has silent lunch and a note home. We are working on choosing our friends wisely. ;)

Kathy C. said...

At least it's only one, right?