Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Jessica's Birthday, Shelter Dogs, Last Day of Freedom, First Day of School

Jessica's birthday was August 14. Hunter, his mom, niece and another relative (I think) came over.

A friend gave me this birthday plate many years ago.

Hunter and his mom with Jessica

We went to a shelter 45 minutes away and took three dogs kayaking. One of them as the little black chihuahua mix we took last time. The other two (one was his mom) were adopted. We took his sister and a little dachshund mix this time.

Three shelter dogs plus Travis and Caspian.

Travis came from this shelter, so they are always glad to see him again. He's an old pro at kayaking now.

Marley, his sister and some other puppies are being transferred to another county where they have mostly pit bulls, and people want puppies.

This is Sasha. We wanted to meet her as a possible playmate for Travis. She was recently spayed so couldn't swim.

Official adoption picture. Sasha will be shared by the three youngest.

Home. She's six months old and six pounds. She a dachshund mix--maybe rat terrier or chihuahua.

She is a bit hyper, so I'm glad she's so small. She has silky soft fur like a cat!

Yesterday was our last day of freedom, so we went back over to the state park 45 minutes away. It rained on the way, then cleared. 

 I forgot to pack any silverware, so we shared Jessica's dive knife!

I bought her a short wet suit as one of her birthday presents. It wasn't cold enough to need it, but she wanted to try it out. 

Then we went to Chill's for frozen yogurt.

First day of school--Eighth grade and fourth grade. Adam and Jessica start next week.


One Crowded House said...

I wish we wore uniforms!! Congrats on the new puppy. She's a cutie.

Kathy C. said...

She has spells of being crazy hyper racing around the house.