Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Rough Times

This has been a rough week for Jasmine. The end of the year pressure is on at school. She's making very little progress in math this year, especially right now, and the teacher is constantly on her about being off task. She is on as high of dose of daytrana and focalin as we are comfortable with so we are not going to increase meds at all. The teacher constantly being on her, of course, makes Jasmine feel the teacher doesn't really like her. We have had that problem in the past, but this is this teacher's third year with Jasmine and it's not a like/dislike thing. It's just frustration. FCAT testing is behind, but the end of course math exam is ahead. This is the first year Jasmine has had end of course exams. She had one in civics this morning and it was a pass/fail test. So a child could get all A's in civics, fail the EOC and fail the class. Testing is just crazy to me!! This is one of the reasons I have a masters in elementary education but don't teach.

Jessica and I are counting down to NYC, and we are also nearing the dance recital. We decided Jasmine's hip hop costume looks like the Dauntless costumes in the Divergent movie. What do you think? The leather jacket isn't part of the dance costume.

We have field trips and field days ahead. A lot is happening while I'm in NY so that will keep Rick on his toes! One child did not go on a field trip today. She decided to get defiant about doing what she needed to in order to go and the teacher backed me about her staying at the school in another classroom. It was a pretty pricey field trip any way.

I'll post more about the special school events next time. And about Jessica's trip to pick up her wedding dress. 


One Crowded House said...

Hang in there!!!! It's almost summer!!!

schnitzelbank said...

I'm a little unnerved by your kid posing with real guns like it's glamorous.

Kathy C. said...

That's just an air soft pellet gun. Lots of those around with a sister in criminology and two brothers in the military.

Felicia said...

I agree with the testing. With kids with learning disabilities it is such a struggle. Where are you going to sty in New York?