Sunday, May 11, 2014


The auto focus went out on my Nikon last week so I only have my iPod touch and a little point and shoot camera for this trip! So don't expect really great travel photos
 : )

We are safely in New York. Our hotel is actually in Long Island City not Manhattan. We are paying $95 a night instead of $300 a night. It takes us five minutes to walk to the subway station, and then it's only three stops to 5th Avenue.

We made great time to our nearest airport this morning. We arrived at 6:15 a.m. By time we got to our gate, they'd already boarded our section.

We flew into Atlanta and only had 25 minutes to get from the C concourse to the A concourse. The whole flight was boarded by time we got there!! So there was no waiting for either flight!

We took a bus from the airport to Newark Penn station and then the train to NY Penn station where we caught the subway to Long Island City. It was pretty inexpensive, and I'm glad we did it that way. It was only a ten minute walk from the subway station to our hotel with all four pieces of luggage--once we figured out which way to go!!!!!

I took a lot of random pictures. These are the tracks.

Two guys sat up their drums and started drumming on the subway. I love people watching. All sorts of people on the subway. Guess it's the writer in me. Or I'm just plain nosey.
Once we got to our hotel and unloaded, we set back out for NYC. We just hopped off the subway at 5th ave and W 53rd St to see what we could find. I LOVE it. Did I already say that? So many different kinds of people here.

This lady was selling wooden roses on the subway. Jessica bought me one.

We got to this church on 5th Ave right after a special service ended. If we'd known, we'd have tried to get here earlier. But we had no plans, just walked around to see what there was.

On the entry way floor.

I only got as far as snapping this photo when they kicked us out to close the church.

This is a different church nearby.

Door to the first church. 

Lots of vendors down 5th Ave. Funny to see them in front of the fancy stores.

In Central Park. I wanted to take more people pictures but didn't feel I could just go up and stick my iPod in people's faces. But I threw money in this guy's case, so I figured I could take a photo. 

The Apple Store on 5th Ave

Jessica said she'd buy me Mother's Day dinner, but we didn't really come across any restaurants, so we did this.

We wanted to stay in NYC longer, but it is Sunday night, and the stores started closing at 7:00. We didn't buy anything but food.

So that was day 1. Travel and figuring out what we were doing.

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