Friday, May 9, 2014


End of Course civics exam is out of the way. I have no idea whether Jasmine passed or not, and we won't know until summer. So she could be retaking civics next year. I hope not. If she failed either that exam or the reading FCAT she'll lose band to make up the classes. That would be heartbreaking. Won't find out if the twins promote to 4th grade until into summer too. Sigh.

Kaleb is on a field trip to Wonder Works today. I hope he does well for the teacher. He's been doing pretty well at school lately but he was really screwy here last night and got sent to bed even though we had people here.

The grocery store got dog ice cream in.

Surprisingly, they didn't eat it that well. They all ate a little bit and then left it. That's unusual for these three.
Travis is just over a year old.
Scrappy is almost 15!

Caspian is 3.

Jessica and her future mother-in-law (pink shirt) and her maid of honor went to pick up her wedding dress yesterday. It's 3 1/2 hours to the bridal shop, so I opted out of the trip to take care of school pick ups. I was with Jessica when she chose it, so I'd already seen it. I asked them to come back to the house for pulled pork and chicken. These three joined us plus Hunter's dad but Hunter wouldn't come.

Two months ago Jessica left her iPad out, and it kept beeping messages. She was gone so I glanced over at it to see if it was something urgent so I could call her cell if it was a message she needed. The message was wayyyyyy TMI for me.

She told him I read it, so he hasn't talked to me or come in the house for two months. Funny thing is, I didn't really notice until just recently. It's not like he comes in and socializes anyway. Hope he never gets angry at Jessica for anything or she's going to have a tough time. He's not one to just let things go. Especially if he feels he's been wronged. He does this to his mom too. I told her she's off the hook for now because he's focused on me. : )

Adam came over and brought a friend.

There was a lot of wedding planning going on.

I am fortunate to have a guy who is easy to get along with. He doesn't play games, and he doesn't hold grudges. We do get a little crazy at times though. : ) We will have been married 26 years in July, and I hope we have another 26 years together.

Jessica and I are off to New York Sunday. We will be celebrating the twins' birthday tomorrow due to being gone over their birthday. Next week was the best week for us to make the trip, but we will be gone on their birthday which is also Jasmine's band concert (the date was changed on that though, it wasn't originally scheduled that week). But the following week is dance recital and two long rehearsals, so that week was out. And then we get into the crazy end of the year stuff. 

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One Crowded House said...

Praying God's grace on the future son in law and how he deals with life. Grudges have no place in healthy relationships.