Thursday, May 15, 2014

New York 3

On Tuesday morning we planned to go to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. Since we had to take the subway to the 9/11 Memorial to do that, we decided to stop by there first. But when we got to the memorial, it wasn't what we thought, and I realized that what I wanted to see (the letters and the photos etc) were probably in a building we'd passed that cost $17 to get in. And we'd already donated $10 each to the Memorial. So I decided to find the church that had been open for the firemen etc during 9/11. That was St Paul's. We found it and went in.
Near the Memorial

One of the pools at the Memorial
The rest of these pictures are of remembrances at St. Paul's. And this is what I'd wanted to see in the first place. I guess a lot of it has been moved to a remembrance building that costs to get in.

There were so many photos of people who were lost. So so so much loss.

St. Paul's

We spent so much time doing this that we decided to save the Statue of Liberty until Wednesday.

We did some more things Tuesday that I'll post about in the next post.

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