Wednesday, May 14, 2014

New York 2

Monday was our first full day in New York.

We went to the Museum of Natural History first.

This is the museum from the movie Night at the Museum. 

I love the subway. I love all the different people you see there, the stuff on the walls and the random musicians. 

We went to the Empire State Building. We bought a city pass book and the museum and this were both in it. There are a couple of art museums in it that we aren't that thrilled about, but we'll go since we paid for them.

Jessica bought a new camera right before the trip. My Nikon died right before the trip! The auto focus isn't working.

Yeah, I have issues with heights. I didn't until I was into my 20's.

So far we are loving New York. We are staying in Long Island City. People told us we wouldn't like being this far from Manhattan, but it's a 5 minute walk to the subway station and only three stops on the E train to 5th and 53rd street. So we are there in 15 minutes. And I get to people watch.


val said...

Kathy & Jessica, you are so very lucky to have this time together. My mom passed away very suddenly in August of '12 & I so wish I had gone on a few mother/daughter trips. treasure every moment you can together. Best to both of you :)

Kathy C. said...

Thank you. I've been blessed to be able to share some great experiences with all of my kids. It's hard watching the older ones branch out sometimes and knowing things are changing.