Saturday, April 6, 2013

Busy Day for Adam

Today was a crazy day for Adam. This is the first Saturday of the month so he had Marine training. They work on running, pull ups, sit ups and so on. Since he had a track meet, the sgt just let him do the pulls up and such and then leave for the meet.
We took food for the team today. Bananas, a cooler full of snacks and a cooler  full of gatorade. Also a case of water.

Warming up

Adam ran the 4x800 relay first.

He is doing so well this year all around. I won't say perfect, because he has in-school detention on Monday and Tuesday for doing flips over a desk during math class and having someone video it on their phone. I gave him the mommy-lecture about how he could have broken his neck or leg right before a big meet today, prom tonight and the district meet next Thursday and senior trip next weekend. Not to mention disrupting the class. 

1600m run. He was first in his heat and 5th overall. He actually would have had a chance to win it if he'd been in the faster heat where he belonged. But someone neglected to register his time, so he got put in the slower heat, lead it all the way and finish almost a quarter mile ahead of the others. So there was no one to push him. The winning time overall was 5:02 and last meet he ran 4:58.

He skipped the 800m to go out to dinner with a whole group of friends before prom.

Getting a little help with the fasten on buttons.

All ready to go

He can get away with the bright color.

With his date. This school does not do a dress check for the girls unfortunately. There used to be rules about the dresses, but I guess not anymore.

The group is going back to friend's (male) house after the prom. The mom said the guys can stay over, but they have to get up and go to their church (a black church) in the morning. I think it'll be a good experience for Adam. 

It will be a very long day for Adam, but you only have one senior year (hopefully!)

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