Monday, April 1, 2013


Easter is more complicated now than when the kids were all younger. We had kids coming and going all day.

We went to early service, and Jessica had to leave way before anyone else to be ready for orchestra. So this picture was actually taken at 10 P.M.

Jessica and I made brunch for the others while they went to Sunday School. Tyler is  at a different church, but we were able to work the schedules out. 

Then Adam and Jessica left for work. Jasmine, Kaleb and I left for the beach. It was windy and cloudy, but the three of us wanted to get out. So we braved it.

It was great kite weather.

You could actually see black clouds in some of my pictures, but those were pretty depressing, so I didn't post them!

Adam and Jessica both got off at 8:00 so they could take part in the flashlight egg hunt. Usually Rick and I hide the eggs, but this year we had the kids do it. The girls hid eggs on one side of the house for the boys to find  and the boys hid eggs on the other side for the girls to find. 

They hid 200 eggs total.

Eggs can be most anywhere.

Kaleb decided to do the egg hunt, Kayla didn't.

They are in jackets due to gnats, not the weather. 

It got very dramatic at times. I wish I'd had the video camera, but I don't think it would have video taped in the dark. The kids were all in a great mood. (Anyone who wanted to pout or fight was instructed not to come out and spread the rotten mood). The boys checked the girls' side to see if they found all theirs eggs, and decided to (loudly) sing clues such as "The wheels on the jet ski go round and round" and so on. It got very creative and pretty comical, and everyone had a lot of fun with it. 

A few things were collected that weren't eggs.

The girls and I had one last sleep out. The problem was, Jessica fell asleep at 11, but Jasmine and I were awake until after 1:00. It's back to school today, so she's going to be tired since we're up by 5:20 (me at 5:10, the kids at 5:20).

Rick's foot is still bad, so we're juggling getting everyone where they need to be. He's going to call the doctor today and see what more they can do.

We have lots coming up in the last two months of school--field trips, incentive trip, band concert, cap and gown fitting, FCAT testing, projects and graduation May 29! The others are out June 5. We may take them out a day early because of the cruise. I want to meet a bloggy friend in Orlando, but it would work best leaving a day earlier. It won't be a problem with the twins' school but I don't know what Jasmine's school will say. I'm going to ask them when I take her to school after her orthodontist appointment Wed.

Hope you all had a great weekend!
Have fun on spring break for those on break this week!!


One Crowded House said...

that is a LOT of eggs- how fun!

Rose Anne said...

We didn't hid that many! and they were tiny eggs, could imagine the loot in the big eggs!!!

Kathy C. said...

The big eggs only had one piece of miniature chocoate in them--mini reeses, butterfinger etc. The tiny eggs had several mms. We had to work around Jasmine's braces this year too.

Felicia said...

Hope to see you in Orlando!