Saturday, April 13, 2013

Burned Paw, New Puppy and School Activities

It has been a beautiful weekend so far. Sunny and in the 70's.
Adam took this picture through his bedroom window of Jaden on the fence . She goes out occasionally, but would rather be indoors.

The storm held off until near the very end of the track meet, so they were able to finish it, and the seniors were able to leave on their trip as planned Friday morning. Adam said it was hard to run Thursday due to strong winds, and all the times were slightly slower. Adam qualified for regionals in the 4x8 relay and the 1600 (one mile).
The second grade classes had their big field trip Friday. They've been studying pirates and having pirate fun for two weeks and they went for a sail on a pirate ship. Jasmine has done it, and it's always the high light of second grade. 

But neither twin got to go. Kayla was told long ago she couldn't due to deliberately hurting other children. Due to a shortage of room on the boat, only one teacher and one chaperone can go per class so good behavior is required. Kaleb missed the zoo trip earlier in the year and was told by his teacher and myself he could go this time if he demonstrated good classroom behavior. And he did. Until I paid for the trip. Then he stole three times at home (lying to Adam once to get him away from the food so he could take it) and was on red every single day on the school behavior chart starting the day I paid the money. He informed us it didn't matter because the money was non refundable. ($17.50) It really seemed like a bad case of empowerment. Same reason I can't take him lunch at school because it makes him feel important and he becomes super aggressive toward other kids. 

 I talked to the teacher, who did not feel Kaleb should go but didn't want to be the one to say that, and told him we'd take the loss of the money. It turned out someone hadn't paid the full amount yet so we lost the $4.50 transportation fee but will get $13 back. Hopefully it is a lesson learned.

Max is both an indoor and outdoor cat. Sometimes he'll disappear for days at a time, and we wonder if he's still alive. As he's gotten older, he's come home more regularly. He'll be 14 in July. On Friday he came in limping. He had what looked like a blister on his paw pad. I cleaned it with hydrogen peroxide, and it stunk like rotted skin. So, thinking infection, Jessica took him to the vet. (I am allergic to furry creatures, and there are just too many in the waiting room.)

The vet said it looked like a burn. We have no idea when or how he got it. He may have just gotten it, or it may have been there but has just gotten infected. He got an antibiotic injection. He now has a heart murmur which is due to age, and he has to go back for a weight recheck because he's lost a lot of weight. He just doesn't eat much anymore.

No one is supposed to play ball in the house, but it does happen. Caught in the act.

Today Tyler, Jasmine and I took the dogs on a field trip to a humane society fundraiser in another county. It's where we got Kiara and Jayden. Caspian likes putting his head out the window!

We weren't looking for another pet, but it was love at first sight. (We'd actually seen the litter on the facebook page and thought they were adorable but hadn't planned to get one). There were only two dogs not chosen from the ones taken to the fundraiser. There were lots of really big dogs still at the shelter, but they hadn't brought them. We wouldn't have room for a big dog right now or we would have gotten one because lots of people will get the cute puppies, but not the older large dogs.

 We didn't know if they'd approve us for another pet, but they checked that we take the pets for their shots and heartworm meds and had enough room. All of our pets are spayed or neutered.

Jasmine is very responsible with pets. In fact, she usually takes Caspian out in the morning for Jessica and feeds him because Jessica doesn't like to get up. (Everyone is supposed to be up at 5:15 but she pushes it to 5:30)

It was two hot dogs, a bag of chips and a can of soda for $5 at the marina. Guess who got the extra hot dogs?

The weather was beautiful.

We went back to the humane society to fill out the paperwork.

He is going to be pretty small. Sure hope Kiara doesn't think he's a chew toy.

Here's his adoption photolist picture. He had three siblings who were already chosen. Jasmine has named him Travis.
He can't come home until the 23rd. It will probably be the 25th by time we get him due to schedules.

We stopped at a park on the way home to let the dogs play.

Everyone wanted to take advantage of the beautiful weather.
(Except Jessica who works a double today)
Every one has to be really careful on the trampoline. When the twins hadn't been here long, they decided to tear up the net. Then the padded over the springs got torn up. So the kids have to stay in the middle until we can replace the trampoline (which has a small tear starting in the middle or we'd just get a new net).

So that's our weekend so far.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful family. Adorable puppy.


Kathy C. said...

Thank you

One Crowded House said...

Travis is a cutie... he'll fit right in. I have some kiddos who think they are entitled to things and are always shocked when they don't just "get" to do or have things. Everyone has lived in this house about 3 years or longer... not sure when they will catch on to our family rules, but same as you, bad behavior makes you lose privileges. I'm always surprised (and I'm not sure why!) that they haven't figured that out yet!

I wish our parks looked that!!!!

Kathy C. said...

Entitlement is definitely a problem here. Let's hope these kiddos all figure out that good behaviors means extra privileges.