Tuesday, May 22, 2012


This weekend four of us were in the Armed Forces Day family run.
Tyler wasn't totally willing, but we dragged him along.

We all survived.
And then went to Chick Fil A. Jasmine had a cookies and cream shake.
She shared with Jessica, and Jessica got cookies she shared with Jasmine--which were eaten before I could get my camera out!
Tyler had ice cream with blueberry topping.
After that, we went to the beach. Ty and Rick aren't beach bums like the rest of us. Adam is, but he had to work. Jasmine only gets soda on the weekend, so she was making the most of it.
Jessica tried out her snorkel, mask and underwater camera.
Kaleb getting a ride.
Sunday afternoon we had the first dress rehearsal for the recital. It was several hours long.
The twins came a few dances before theirs and then had pizza with us and left so they didn't have to sit more than an hour.

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