Friday, May 4, 2012

Field Day, Jessica Graduates

Yesterday was field day at the twins' school.
Kayla was happy to be out of the classroom.

I helped with the relays.
Ready for the track team.
Yes, she's running with a dead chicken.
Soccer relay.

The only negative part of the day was when a parent told me how Kaleb is her little buddy. She eats at school with her child often and has Kaleb eat with them too if "he's had good behavior." Those of you with adopted children are probably cringing already. I was. Children do not need other parents to be their buddies. They do not need other parents eating with them. (Most of you remember I can't eat with Kaleb because he makes him feel empowered/entitled and he acts out aggressively at other students). And other parents have no right to inquire about a child's behavior that's not their own. And while I'm on the subject, I have a problem with the school letting a parent buy ice cream for the whole class at lunch without the other parents' permission. What if a child is lactose intolerant, the parents doesn't give food with sugar or just don't want another parent giving their child treats. (If you have a child with attachment issues you won't need to ask why that's a problem!)
But besides that, everything went smoothly for field day.
Jessica finished her AA degree in criminology so we had Chinese.
Way to go Jessica.

Jasmine's band. She has a spring concert coming up in a couple of weeks. Right now she is probably getting ready to give her speech, Why Katniss Everdeen is my Favorite Hunger Games Tribute.

Tyler comes home tomorrow.

Jessica goes to Tallahassee for the Memorial  for Fallen Police Officers on Sunday.


Felicia said...

Oh geez, I would be so mad. Is the school telling her if he has been good or not? If so I sure would take that issue to the school. I just lost a friend because she became an authority on my attacment disorder child and started going into her Sunday school class and giving her treats and such because she was "sad". Ever think she was sad to get yout o get her special treats? Ugh! I feel your frustration.

Kathy C. said...

I didn't talk to the teacher. I was still sorting out what the mom had said. I guess next year I need to say don't let another adult become special buddies with my children. What it could be is that she goes to the classroom when they are lining up for lunch and checks to see if he's pulled tags. But, yeah, gotta love it when other parents become the expert on your child. Adam perfected rolling one tear out of one eye by 3 because he'd already realized it got him sympathy and treats. We stopped going places.