Monday, May 7, 2012


We bought a new 12x16 shed. We have one already, but it's so full of bikes, the lawn mower, and Christmas decorations that there's not room for much else.
We built shelves and everyone gets a 4 foot top and bottom section. The twins don't need that much room, so the clothes for them to grow into can share their space.

Keepsake stuff and old toys are being sorted out. Some of the kids are more of collectors than the others.
Jessica went to Tallahassee for the memorial for fallen police officers. Thirteen police officers were killed in FL last year. Three so far this year.
Jessica ages out of the Explorer's group in August.

Rick and I will be in Orlando Tuesday through Friday. The older kids are more than capable of handling things at home for that short of a time. Jessica will be going on the twins' zoo trip tomorrow.

We have a whole lot of stuff coming up the last weeks of May. It's crazy. I'll talk more about those things once I'm back from Orlando. I am also nearing my book deadline and I am NOT done. I will be, but it's going to be close. I try to beat the deadline by a month, but this time I'll be right at deadline.

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There is always a lot going on in your home :)