Friday, May 18, 2012

Birthday and Band

The twins are seven. Their birthday did not go as planned, but we made the best of it. Some days it's more obvious that we have a long way to go than others. But looking back over two years, it's easy to see progress.
Clothes from Grandpa and Grandma Cassel.
Books from Uncle Ken
Books from Uncle Ken
Candy from Jasmine
Bubbles and ring pops from Jessica
A doll and car from Grandma Sims
Basketballs from Aunt Lou
Water guns from Adam
Nerf guns from Tyler
We got them bikes. We sent them to their rooms while we set them out. Then we told them to come out and see their surprise, video camera going. We hoped for shrieks of delight. Instead they came out, looked at the bikes and walked away. Kayla looks right into the video camera and says, "I have to pee can someone get me some paper?" At that point we stopped taping. The twins never even looked at the bikes or showed any interest in them.
We got a small dog cake for each of them and a red velvet roll for the rest of us.
I had an IEP meeting for  Jasmine concerning her accomodations when she moves to middle school next year--same school and location but different buildings and teachers. Jessica and I brought her lunch.
Sister love.
Jasmine's spring concert was last night. The twins acted out so badly in the van with Rick that they didn't make it to the concert! Thankfully someone was hired to tape the concert and I'd already ordered a DVD. So we will all watch it when we get it.
TGIF after the concert.

Today is Haitian flag day. We will have a cake and sparklers for that this evening. Jasmine has field day today so hope to get to part of that.

Tomorrow is Armed Forces Day and there's a family walk. Not sure how many of us are doing that.

Then we get into long dress rehearsals for the dance recital and the actual recital next Friday. Jasmine's fifth grade dance is earlier that same day. I found out they just wear their school uniforms since it's right after school. They don't start doing the more formal dress until the middle school dance.

Kiara has her surgery this week so Jessica has to drive her an hour to the shelter where we got her and then drive back to pick her up the next day.

Jessica also has a special workshop coming up and Jessica and I have a class coming up together. I'll tell more about those after the fact. Want to make sure we survive first : )

Anyone else have end of the school year stuff the next couple weeks too? Or dance recitals?

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One Crowded House said...

we still have three more weeks of school- so yes, things are busy busy.

I am planning out our summer "curriculum" we have some family team building we need to do- and some anger management activities, I have been stocking up on workbooks and ideas.

I think we will sign up for the library's summer reading program.