Saturday, May 26, 2012

End of the Dance Season

 We ordered a cake for our dancers, but of course we all  shared it. I ordered Angry Birds because the twins did their tumbling routine to the Angry Birds song. You can see a video of the dress rehearsal dance in the last post. Recital night is so much better with the auditorium dark and all the lighting effects, but we aren't allowed to video tape the recital because all the cameras would be distracting.
 After the finale. Recital started at 6:30 and finale was close to 10:00, so the twins weren't there. They left at intermission. They'd already been there an hour and a half by then. Their dance was #23 and figure 3 minutes per dance.
 Jessica made her backbend kick over on recital night. She missed it during practice because she was having pain in her lower back muscles.
 The tumbling instructor gave this personalized towel to Jessica because she was a volunteer assistant teacher for Kaleb and Kayla's class. It worked out well because the instructor really needed a second adult in their class, and she was also able to immediately deal with some inappropriate behaviors with the twins during the class or I would have had to take them out of the class. So it worked out well for everyone.

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