Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Twin News

Yesterday our paperwork for domestication of foreign adoption was signed by the judge. We did not have to go to court because the adoption was finalized in Haiti a couple of days before the earthquake, although we didn't know it for a few months. Domestication basically means that Florida recognizes the Haitian adoption as being legal and will issue certificates of foreign birth with the twins new names. We already have citizenship papers although the names won't match. Close enough though. Domestication was the last thing we needed to have closure (finally!) for this adoption. We have the COCs, SS numbers, tax credit is long gone and now the domestication is done.
We added a section on to the play set.

I don't think we can add more because the next piece has to go behind it, and there isn't room for it.
The twins are seven today!!! Anyone remember meeting them in Baby room 2?
They are taking m&m cookies for their classes. I don't send cupcakes. I know most kids lick off the frosting and throw the rest out. Or the frosting and crumbs end up everywhere. For Jasmine's class I did send cupcakes and a ton of sprinkles and candy to decorate them this year but they are fifth graders. Previously I sent the Walmart frosted sugar cookies.

Kayla made a hedgehog at school! The class planted grass seeds in dirt inside a sock and the grass sprouted through the sock.
Caspian and his new sister are getting along pretty well. They do a lot of play biting but I guess they'll work it out between them if one bites too hard. She has grown a lot in the few weeks she's been home and is bigger and heavier (and more hyper!!) than he is.

Lots and lots going on in the next two weeks--IEP meeting for Jasmine tomorrow, band concert for Jasmine Thursday, field day for Jasmine Friday and also that is Haiti's Flag Day. There's a family run Saturday that we may or may not do. Sunday and Tuesday of next week are long dress rehearsals for the dance recital Friday. Our studio really goes all out in making it very professional. It's tough, but it's always really amazing. The fifth grade dance is right after school the same day as the dance recital. I guess most of the things coming up involve Jasmine, and the recital involves four of the kids.

It's the crazy time of the year!


Julie said...

Congrats on finally making it through all those adoption hoops! I know it must be a relief!

One Crowded House said...

all we have left are ss #'s (I got tax id numbers and had been putting off the ss #'s until we had the coc's with their correct names- the ss office is not my favorite place, I only wanted to make that trip once!) So the first week of summer break we are heading to the ss office :) fun times!

Kathy C. said...

It took two tries for our SS#s. But all we had to do was take in the haitian birth certificate and adoption decree and they had to use their own approved translator. Once that was done, they issued them. First I tried to do it with our COCs--which they wouldn't accept even though it has the US gold seal!! We had our humanitarian cards too which was not proof our being their parents. But they took the haitian papers instead. Weird, but at least it's done.