Sunday, September 11, 2011

This Week

This past week was one of getting used to the fall schedule. The twin's bus schedule is constantly changing, and they are being picked up earlier and dropped off later each week. So our early morning schedule no longer runs as smoothly. Next week we add soccer and beginner band into the mix.

We'd hoped to go to the beach on yesterday, but Jessica worked 12-6, so we hung around home. We sat up the new slip and slide (we got two new ones), played on the trampoline and slide, and watched Rio three times!

I don't think this guy planned to join the tumbling on the trampoline.

Jasmine is working on her book for the fall challenge. Not to late to join HERE.

I still have these books to give away. Today is Shy's birthday (we did this in July for Max). Guess how old he is and win a book. I have all these to give away so it's okay if two people guess the same number. (U.S. postage only)


Karen said...

Kathy, school should be a time to relax a bit-but not with that schedule! Cute froggie.

Okay, Shy is eight.

Have a good week.

Felicia said...

I am going to guess 6. Great news about the new book.

Rose Anne said...

Kathy ,
My guess is 9.