Thursday, September 8, 2011


I received a copy of my new book in the mail. It releases October 1. I hope girls 10-14 will find it as interesting to read as I found the writing. I read lots of books about Bible women while writing this and gained new insights and information.

Dance started yesterday. It shakes the schedule up a bit. I have to pick the twins up at school on Wed, because their bus comes so late now that we'd miss most of their tumbling class. While I drove them to class, Jessica picked Jasmine up. This left Rick biking to and from work! He volunteered though, so we took him up on it.

The tumbling teacher said the twins did great. Adam worked with them this summer so they'd be a little more ready. Jasmine had class after them, so Jessica drove the twins home after their class, while I stayed with Jasmine. She had jazz and then tap. The plan was to eat somewhere and then go on to church. But she had so much homework that we had to go home instead. We still had hot ham sandwiches at Hardees first.

Soccer goes to a regular schedule next week so our evenings will look like this (everyone has school during the day):
Monday: Adam cross country, Jessica night class
Tuesday: Adam cc, Jasmine band, Jessica night class, Jasmine soccer
Wednesday: Adam cc, twins tumbling, Jasmine jazz and tap, Jasmine choir and GAs, Jessica orchestra
Thursday: Adam cc, Jasmine tumbling, Jessica tumbling, Adam tumbling (different facility), Jasmine soccer, Jessica Explorers
Friday: Adam cc, Jessica work
Saturday: soccer games, cross country meets (not every weekend for either)
Sunday: Sunday school, church, TeamKid

And that's life as we know it!

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One Crowded House said...

Very exciting about the book!!!