Monday, September 26, 2011

Rest of the Weekend

After the cross country meet and Jasmine's soccer game (no pictures this time, it was very unorganized and no uniforms yet), we went to Moe's.

Jasmine didn't realize the rice was going to be spicy. She didn't order anything because she didn't like any of the choices. I added rice to my meal for her.

The twins never have problems finding something they like!

Jessica was a little out of it from the 5K and the morning in the sun.

Tyler came home Friday morning and left Sunday after church.

Jessica, Jasmine and I went to a pet store that had some of the animals from the rescue center. We did NOT get a pet. We would not be able to get another cat because Shy is VERY territorial. But they sure had some cute kitties. One mother son combo even, and some only a few months old.

They had five 12-week-old Siberian Husky/Coon mix puppies.

This guy was from the pet store not the rescue place.

Jessica made cookies for Tyler. We all helped him with them of course.

I have a video of Jasmine playing the drums but everytime I try to embed it, it closes down my internet! She has only played a couple of weeks. She has orchestra bells too.

Jessica has Tyler's room now, except for the weekends he's home. She hasn't changed anything in the room, but she's going to pull out the old nasty carpet and tile it. I gave everyone the chance to have their room recarpeted or tiled when we got the new carpet a year and a half ago, but neither Jessica nor Tyler could decide what they wanted so we left the old carpet in their rooms. It's only 7 years old but both rooms have had either little people or old dogs have "accidents" in them. I have quotes on accidents because the dog staying in Ty's room did not tinkle on the carpet on purpose, but the little person who joined the girl's room a little while back decided she'd rather tinkle on the carpet than walk the extra four feet to the toilet.

Stay tuned to see the tile progress. Jessica doesn't have time free until Friday so that's when we'll pull everything out of the room and start.


One Crowded House said...

The tile will be so easy to clean.

Karen said...

Love that spicy picture. Yumm, cookies are great for anytime! I like tile over carpet here in FL. :)Show us the results.