Thursday, September 29, 2011

Courageous: The Movie

Back in July I had the chance to meet some of the people from Courageous. Tyler, Adam and I also saw the movie at that time. These guys assured us that everyone we would see in the movie loved Jesus but that it might be hard to believe while watching the movie. That was very true. The bad guys were seriously bad, but these same men were out sharing Jesus with the crowd that had gathered to watch the filming.

There are a lot of issues in the movie--death, grieving, single parenthood, wayward teens, wayward dads, gangs and violence. I recommend that parents go see the movie, but not children. I know some kids watch violence on TV at home and their parents don't care. But for those of you who don't believe in exposing your children to things emotionally beyond their understanding and gun play, don't take your children under age 10. Or at least see it yourself first. Or wait and rent it so you can stop the movie during the gang stuff and talk about it.

You can watch a preview of it HERE. If this doesn't work for you, just go to youtube and type in Courageous preview.

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Karen said...

How wonderful that you met some of the people in the movie. Cool! Yes, I want to see it.

Thank you so much for the books you gave me. And the one autographed by Coach Wooden. Blessings***