Saturday, September 24, 2011

First Half of the Weekend

Last night was the family BBQ and Rio at Jasmine's school. I stayed home with one child, but they brought me food. I'm really not big on BBQ though, so it's still in the fridge. Jessica brought another child home who ate a big chunk of frosting off of her cake after inhaling his own so I had company after all.

Rick, Tyler and Anthony were servers.

Before the frosting incident.

Anthony helping out.

Adam's cross country meet this morning. He got to run his race but had to leave immediately after due to a poor choice at school this week. Coach let him run but gave him a warning for next time. This was a tough course for many of the runners. Adam come in 22nd because he had a lot of trouble with it. Our neighbor dropped several minutes off his time so it bothered some and not others.

Adam in at 22:06

The JV had an open race. Anyone in the community could run. Admission was a pair of shoes for Haiti. Our neighbor, her son and daughter ran, and Jessica decided to run. She hasn't done any running (with the exception of one 5K last spring) or practicing at all for several years, but she still finished in front of some of the JV girls.

She's in the white shirt at the right.

Here she comes!

We did a lot more today, but I don't have the picture uploaded. My surge protector died and I'm just getting back online.


Karen said...

Busy day! What a good cause to run for, too. But I'd be right there with you taking the pictures. :P

Kathy C. said...

There was one group of about six who walked the whole way very slowly so we wouldn't have been last Karen.