Friday, September 23, 2011


So many people get away with scams that it's sickening. These people are some of the worst because they play on people's emotions and you can be out thousands of dollars without even realizing it until it's too late. Share this everywhere you can. These people have at least four ads in our local penny saver.

Here is one of many e-mails they send out.

Hello ,

Thanks for the mail and your interest towards our Babies , We have 2 of them by names Kate and Rex. They are still available to any family prepare to provide them with enough care and love, where they will be well spoiled with all their need.Kate is female and Rex is the males, All of them are 12weeks old, weight 1.2LBS and will be 4-7LBS at full-grown. They are champion bloodline, registered AKC, vet check, updated in all shots. Well-tamed and potty trained, good associate of kids and other house hold pets also very Energetic and eager to learn.They are intelligent, independent and courageous. Quick to determine where they fits in a household's "pack." Good companionship and friendly towards new people. To begin we shall like to know more about you. 1-Are you a breeder?2 -Are you familiar with Maltese Puppy?3 -Do you have kids?4 -Do you have a Vet Doctor?5 -How Old are You? 6-What is your occupation?7 -Give us a Brief Description about your Environment?8 -Were exactly are you located?9 -Can I have your Phone Number to call you?10-How soon do you one the puppiesSorry for all this Questions (we mean not to offend you) but just that we really need a loving and caring home for this puppies. We are out of state and What makes us willing to give out the puppies up for adoption is that we are presently on a Volunteer mission for the World Health Organization (WHO) on the Eradication of the Malaria Parasite on pregnant Women in western region of Cameroon, the pregnant women here are suffering with this disease, we decided to go on Volunteer and the WHO was our catch since we loved helping Sick people, Our duty here is tight up that we even regret bringing the Puppies over with us. So we will very much happy given them out for adoption as soon as possible to reduce our work load. We are looking for reasonable, knowledgeable and cautious person who can offer them tenderness, nursery with lots of love kisses and hugs to pay just a Re-homing and transportation fee of $150 for one and for both will be $300 . We are not out to make money from them since they where just like our own children and has been our perfect companion, our main concern is to give them the best they ever want. all we will like to here from you is to Promise us that you would shower them with lots of TLC .And we would never like that our babies should end up in a shelter or rescue., feel free to mail us. If you are willing to get them, please e-mail ASAP so that we shall stop all other contacts .If you have any more questions to ask we will answer you truthfully and faithfully. Thanks May God Bless You .

They really know how to play people.

Pass this on!!!

And no, we didn't send them money but if we hadn't checked into it more closely, we might have. Too many things didn't add up, but it would be easy to be taken.

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Hevel said...

I have run into a lot of potential scams concerning animals during the last few weeks. Some do have a very legitimate looking front business, but turn out to be anything but!