Sunday, August 21, 2011

Tyler's Off to College

Yesterday we moved Tyler to college. Jessica and Jasmine are on his bed.

The twins are on his roommate's bed. There is only about two feet (if that) between beds.

Ty and his roommate. Ty is 5'11" and looks little next to this guy.

Outside his dorm.

Ty trying to get internet on his iPad (that he won at ICRS).

Stopped at a free play area on the way home. I left the college with no tears!!! Amazing.

Jessica read a book. I had my kindle, but there was a guy there who decided I needed to talk to him. An older African American dad. That happens to me a lot. I must have one of those faces. He didn't realize at the time that I had African American children. His child was mixed so that was kind of funny. I gave him the Bible I had in the car. That makes #2. I guess I should have taken the whole pile of Bibles the guy at ICRS tried to give me. I only took four of them. They are a really easy to read Bible.

Rick and Kaleb left ahead of us, and Rick was making peach cobbler when I got home. He's never done one before, but it turned out well.

So now it's Sunday morning and it was kind of strange not to be trying to drag Tyler out of bed for church. Last night was different too. I almost went to his room to see if he wanted to watch a movie with me. But no Tyler. I guess I'll get used to it. I'm glad he has this opportunity but I don't like the feeling of him missing from my life. Other parents have survived. I will too.

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One Crowded House said...

Aww you are so brave. I get tears just thinking about it.