Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Girls

I got to Teen Missions around 8 p.m. Friday evening and they were just finishing up their closing session. Everyone was in dress clothes but from some of the combinations, I think they were all wearing whatever had survived the trip and was fairly clean.

There were a lot of tearful goodbyes. The kids whose parents were picking them up were mostly there Friday evening. A few were picked up early Saturday and the rest left for the airport for flights home.

I took Jasmine back to the hotel with me Friday night. That's after we emptied her duffel bag into the mission barrel. One dress, one swimsuit and one pair of water shoes came home with us.

Um, yep. Work boots were the only shoes allowed including for dress.

Orange and yellow headband with purple and black dress. Hmm. She hadn't combed her hair out in days either!!!

She had two pairs so she could change if one got wet due to her feet issues. They both looked like this.

Jasmine and I went to Jetty Park Saturday because Jessica couldn't leave until 4 p.m. when the leaders got back from the airport--dropping off preteens and picking up the teens just arriving back from their trips. I am spoiled by our white sand. Other sand looks dirty to me!

Talking to dad on the phone.

We went to the food court at the mall.

Time to get Jessica!

We drove a little over half way home and stopped for the night. Today we stopped to see a movie on the way home to give the girls a chance to adjust to normal life again.

More about the mission trip in the next post.

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