Monday, August 22, 2011

Off to School

Yesterday I posted pictures of Tyler at college. Here are pictures of the others off to school today.

Adam, a junior in high school

Jasmine, 5th grade. This year she can wear an assortment of colors of shirts but they have to be bought from an expensive uniform shop and have the school logo on them. It's under the backpack strap.

Kaleb, 1st

Kayla, 1st, who wants everyone to know how sad she is. She drank a bunch of water before bed last night, and then wet herself. But she would not shower. I would not let her get dressed without showering. Then she took so long in the shower, refusing to get out until I turned the water to cold, that she ended up having to have bread because it was time to go. So she decided to show me how unhappy she was by wearing the wrong socks and her boots instead of her new shoes. Wow, showed me alright. Hope she has fun in PE in the boots.

Kayla had a major fit at Rick last night and knows she doesn't get fun time today. Jessica has agreed to play a half hour of Wii with anyone who has had a good day. That means following the rules, going to bed with a good attitude, following the school rules and following the classroom rules. Tyler is our Wii person, but of course he's at college.

Jessica is a sophomore at the local college. She needs 31 credits this year to get her AA, which she has to have to enroll in the college that has her major. An AA is required to enroll there.

Tyler and his roommate rode the bus to the service at the Baptist Student Union together yesterday. Once there, Tyler found a student from his church here. Hopefully he will remain motivated to go each Sunday. Yesterday there was a free lunch : ) Tyler has never been reluctant to go to church, just to get out of bed. The service there isn't until 11:00 though, so maybe that will work out for him.

Jessica's "friend" Anthony was baptized last night and hopefully I can get the video to upload later.

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