Monday, August 29, 2011

Slip & Slide

On Saturday Jasmine had soccer clinic for two hours. When she got home, we loaded up to go to the springs. We haven't been for almost two years. Back then I dropped them at the creek by one spring and they floated down to the other in tubes.

The plan didn't work out though. Even though we went down a couple of dirt roads narrower practically than our laundry hall, we couldn't find the first spring. The second bigger spring was closed for rennovations. So we'll try it again in a couple of months.

We had driven for over an hour dand didn't want to go home without doing anything (there is nothing else to do in that area) so we went to a Hardees and got everyone food. That was a good trade, especially for Kaleb who is all about food. He had a chili dog and onion rings!

We came home and decided to get out the slip & slide. No one has used it much in the past couple of years. I thought Scrappy looked hot and should have a go.

He wasn't sure about it. Dogs don't really dive and slide.

Rick demonstrated for him, but Scrappy wasn't impressed.

We added a little dish soap to speed up the action.

Kaleb didn't really get it. He would run, flop down and lay there. The Slip and Slide was torn along the edge so the water didn't go where it was really supposed to go. The girls and I went to K-mart (the nearest store) to see if they had marked down slip & slides yet. There were three different ones, and they were all half priced. We bought two different kinds.

We didn't get the new one set up until after church Sunday. The new slip & slide is way shorter than the old one. I forgot that I had searched for a longer one when I bought the old one. Didn't even think about it this time. It's about five feet shorter and that makes a big difference. But it will do for now. The only thing is that Jessica and Jasmine go off the end at times.

Kayla can even make it to the end on this shorter one.

They only played on it for an hour because we got Soul Surfer from Netflix, and we planned to all watch that. Three of us had to leave about twenty minutes from the end for TeamKid at church though. We finished it after church.

Today I'm off to the dentist (oh yay) and then have to finish the proof pages for the quiz book that will be out next spring.

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