Thursday, August 18, 2011

Half Birthday and Lunch Out

I took Tyler out to the Chinese buffet today. He moves to college Saturday. Sniff. Sniff. Why do they have to go and grow up?? Okay, some are harder to let go than others because some have different needs than others.

Today is Jasmine's half birthday. She is 10 1/2. We do either a half cake or a small cake for half birthdays. The body of this bear is made up of two cupcakes. All the rest is frosting! We also bought 12 mini cupcakes to share but we don't have a lot of cake for half birthdays. Just a little for everyone.

I am so proud of these two! Both have had a lot to overcome, but they are doing it. You don't get to pick your genetics, and both have special needs that make life challenging. I think they have developed stronger character because of having to deal with disappointments, being "different," and having to try much harder than others at some things. I am proud of their hard work. You rock guys!!!

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One Crowded House said...

love that you do the half birthday thing!