Monday, June 28, 2010

St. Louis, Grants Farm

On Saturday we went to Grants Farm. Like the zoo, admission is free but parking is $11 and some of the activities inside cost.

Sno cone time. We bought the $5 ticket to get a sno cone, merry-go-round ride and two bottles to feed the goats.

Jasmine had tiger's blood, the twins had green apple, I had cotton candy and Jessica had banana.

Another first for the twins

Kayla had some issues with the goats. She wouldn't wait for me but rushed right in and then got surrounded by goats all pushing at her. She was totally panicked. She didn't really learn though because I had to rescue her about four more times.

"Just give us the bottle kid and no one will get hurt."
Some of the goats were rather aggressive. They butt the goat who had the bottle and take it from him or her.

We are now officially here on business. ICRS kicked off last night, and today is the first day on the floor.

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