Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Gainesville, Chuck E Cheese and Mean Mommy!

Yesterday we drove five hours for a ten minutes surgery consult for Jasmine, and then drove five hours back home. We stopped at Chuck E. Cheese on the way home to break it up. We don't have one in our town, so this one which is two hours from us is the closest.

This was the twins' first trip to Chuck E. Cheese

Only four children are home right now so that's who went.

This one sat time out. Don't let those sad eyes get to you. They were for dramatic effect.
He would not obey in the car so I told him he'd have to start with a few minutes time out. He went into one of his super stubborn moods. He does this a lot. Once the pizza came and was eaten and the others went back to play, I sat down next to Kaleb to talk to him. I said something like, "You are sitting here because you would not listen to me in the car." He gave me a nasty look, folded his arms over his chest and turned his back to me. So I said, "I see you are not ready to talk about it so you can sit here until you want to talk about it." Every time I came over to talk to him, he did the same thing. All that accomplished was that he got to sit while everyone else played. But he got pizza and soda. Still, not the way I'd pictured his first trip to CEC. We only visit one once or twice a year so his loss.

Kayla did well but then when I said it was time to go she hid. We called her and couldn't find her anywhere. I sent the other two to redeem their tickets while I looked for Kayla. Then they joined me looking for her. It was pretty empty so I was starting to think she'd left with a group that had left a few minutes earlier. Jasmine finally found her hiding at the bottom of a race car game. I just told her, "That's too bad. You missed getting any prizes." She was very unhappy when she saw that Jasmine had candy and little toys, but she understood it was because she didn't come when called but thought it would be funny to hide. That was probably the most effective consequences for the situation.

Jasmine will have two minor surgeries later this summer if we can get them approved by insurance. She needs a more complicated one but it would requires 2-3 separate surgeries, therapy and several trips to the hospital. She would miss lots of school so we are going to start it at the beginning of next summer.


One Crowded House said...

hmmm- my Steven has that same blank look when he gets in trouble...

Karen said...

Kathy, you're always problem solving with all these different personalities. But sounds like they are making progress and they are so cute, too. Blessings. Let us know about Jasmine's upcoming dates.

God's Grace said...

We get the "look" often around here too! But thankfully not as much anymore :) The twins look like they are doing well though. I had a kids who hid from me once, scary!