Monday, June 7, 2010

The Bay

We spent yesterday afternoon at the bay since it was Jeff's last day with us until Christmas. We'll visit him, but that's the next time he'll be here. Tyler is also enroute to Indiana right now.


Yeah, sure this would be a great time to get a Christmas card photo. What do you think???? This is one of the best!

This is a big step for Jeff who has previous not cared much for water.

My spotter sits backwards on the back of the jet ski and taps my leg if we lose the rider. Jessica video taped Jeff and Tyler, but no one else is brave enough to video tape on the jet ski so there are no pictures of her. (I need to download the videos)


Karen said...

Love those smiling faces. Hope you have a great week. Fun on the water, too!

Karen said...

That's really strange, Kathy. Ya'll looked like you had tons of fun and love all those smiles.