Tuesday, June 22, 2010

So Far this Week

We went to the bay on Father's Day. There were a couple of dolphin families when we first got there but they moved on once all the boats got on the water.

All of the kids tried the airhead tube including the twins. They rode one at a time with the older two. Tyler is still in Indiana.

Adam went on the kneeboard.

Father's day

Jessica and Adam had some friends over Monday noon for pizza and to watch The Spy Next Door. It stormed during the movie. We've had rain every day this week.

Then they played Wii outdoor adventure.

Adam and Davina

Jessica and Anthony. They were at at police camp together last week.

Adam ran a 10K at 6:30 this morning.


God's Grace said...

That looks like fun...how are your beaches fairing there in Florida, I was wondering about that!

God's Grace said...


kb said...

Looks like lots of fun!

Lisa said...

I've been wondering how the beaches are there too - have heard about the oil washing up in Destin, which I've heard you mention before if it's the same place.

Loos like you are all having a great summer. Great job Adam on the 10k!