Friday, June 25, 2010

St. Louis Arch and Zoo

We planned to go to the St. Louis zoo today but decided to stop at the arch on the way. We weren't going to go to the top, but the wait wasn't too long so we went ahead and bought tickets.

Outside the arch.

Kind of strange view of the arch.

The riverfront was really flooded. The whole road and sidewalk were underwater, and the riverboats weren't running.

In the Westward Expansion museum in the arch.

Waiting outside the tiny car that would take us to the top.

In the car going to the top.

At the top of the arch.

Trying to touch a stingray at the St. Louis Zoo.

It was really, really hard for Jasmine to touch a stingray, so I bought her this stuffed animal. Also a mini one later at the Build-a-Bear right in the zoo.

Gorilla family : )


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Karen said...

Love getting to see all the animals, and kids having fun. Thanks.