Wednesday, June 30, 2010


ICRS kicked off Sunday evening with music by Jeremy Camp and The Museum. Then Randy Alcorn spoke. That was followed by what is usually a concert with several groups representing a variety of styles. But not this year. It was mostly people speaking. Phil Vischer, creator of Veggie Tales, the guy who wrote Son of Hamas, and the producer of Fireproof all spoke. It ran until 10pm and Kaleb didn't make it through awake. There were two Southern Gospel groups who did a couple of songs. I was disappointed not hear all the music like in past years. The speakers were good but it was really long for the little ones.

Monday morning was the opening of the floor. Steve Green sang. He sang at my cousin's wife's funeral (Jim Bowers) but I wasn't able to go. Steve grew up on the mission field. Josh McDowell did a devotional.

This is my book cover for my new book coming out in Sept.

Brandilyn Collins is one of my favorite authors to read.

Colleen Coble

Author of "The Son of Hamas."

Jasmine with an astronaut

Bryan Davis

Melody Carlson

Oliver North

Matthew West

Ted Dekker

Ted Dekker

On Monday evening we went to the Veggie Premier for Sweatpea Beauty (Sleeping Beauty).
Two of my princesses and the Veggie princess.

My missing princess

We wanted to stay for "Letters to God" based on a true story about a little boy who dies of cancer but Kaleb was asleep and Kayla was binging and we'd already sat two hours

Mary Manz Simon. She writes kids' books--Little Visits with God has been around forever.

Corn dogs at the convention center. Mostly we ate PBJ in the car!

Checking out the video games for Christian bookstores

Reading signed books

Sanctus Real

Jasmine singing a song for Robin Jones Gunn

Trying to get run over--I mean organized--in the parking garage

Waiting for the screening of "The Christmas Snow"

Wanted to stay for the screening of Amish Grace and the Dawn Treader preview but it didn't happen

Left at noon with the intentions of going to the zoo again but it was full!! Cars were backed up over a mile because the lot was full. We came back to the hotel and the kids swam while I did laundry. We are going out in search of a park in a while. Tomorrow we tour Concordia publishing House.


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