Monday, October 5, 2009

Purpose Driven Life and weekend

Soccer started for all the age groups except U15 which is Adam's age division. They start next week. This picture is, unfortunately, of Jasmine right after she got the ball directly in the face. Where you see the ball it had just rebounded off of her poor little face.

Trying to be very brave about a ball blasted into her face.

Back in the game.

At the park for a festival.

There really wasn't much to do so we only stayed a little while. The food was really expensive and only one vendor so we went to McDonalds.

Jasmine is wearing the newspaper and tissue paper hat she made.

We bought several items off the dollar menu and it seemed like a great bargain after the vendor prices at the festival. Tyler had to work so wasn't with us during any of this.

They recently remodeled our closest McD.

Adam brushes Scrappy. We've had a lot of rainy weather but Saturday was nice.

Jasmine fell asleep during Saturday night movie time so I just left her there. She climbed into bed with me around 1 a.m. Our room was closer than hers.

We took the summer off from reading through Purpose Driven Life one chapter a week. We started back up two weeks ago and are on chapter 30. I gave them a quiz over principles #1-30, the five purposes and S.H.A.P.E. Rick even took the quiz because I'd bought cartons of ice cream for everyone who took it and passed--which was everyone.

Tyler was sitting over on the couch. I don't have any pictures of him from the weekend except when he cooked and those will be on the next recipe post. I just posted Sept. recipes on Sat.

Tyler had the highest score--98.8%

Adam was the first to complete the quiz and get his ice cream.

We had planned another trip to the springs so Ty could go with us but it was very overcast Sunday and had sprinkled a little so we postponed the trip. He was disappointed. The kids have the 12th off of school but we don't know if Ty & Jess will have to work or not. Lately Ty has been going in to work and they've sent him home 15 minutes later because there hasn't been enough business. It's very annoying because it takes much longer than that to even get to work and then he has to turn back around and go home.

This week is homecoming week at the high school but they are going in uniform and taking their special outfits with to change there so I may not have pictures.


One Crowded House said...

wow- that mc d's is trendy!

Are These Kids All Yours? said...

Loved the Purpose Driven Life! Believe very strongly that EVERYONE has purpose! Great thing to pass on to your children

Julia said...

that is reallycool I play soccer too. from RACHEL

Diane said...

Poor thing, right in the face with the ball. Dove ice cream is a favorite. YUM! :O)